About Us

Coherent Eye Care, LLC (Coherent), is a management services organization specializing in the development of patient-centered, clinically-integrated eye care networks (CIENs). Coherent’s CIENs are designed to achieve the “Triple Aim” by

  • improving the patient experience,
  • improving the health of the populations we serve while
  • reducing per capita costs.

In order to achieve the “Triple Aim”, we recognize the importance of care coordination in partnership with primary care providers and the need for integration among eye care providers (optometry, general ophthalmology, sub-specialty and retinal care. Together, we provide the patient with the highest quality and most appropriate eye care services.

Coherent manages Independent Physician Associations & Clinically Integrated Networks, of eye care professionals across 9 states. We have approximately 1,600 physician members, and offer our networks a full range of management services:

  • billing and coding,
  • revenue cycle management,
  • marketing,
  • payor strategies and contracting

Our business structure and leadership are designed around a “Patient First” philosophy which is dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care and patient experience.

The ability to manage and improve the health of patients with chronic diseases is a critical piece of Coherent’s strategy in achieving the “Triple Aim”.  As such, Coherent is working with primary care groups and Accountable Care Organizations to provide end-to-end population health management programs for Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.  Our goal is to close the diagnosis and treatment gaps for treatable vision loss by improving patient engagement and education with eye care and primary care providers. The end results are improved patient outcomes, improved quality of life and efficient, cost-effective eye care services.

Coherent’s integrated communication platform provides secure electronic messaging, seamless health information exchange, clinical dashboards and flexible reporting options for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Accountable Care Organizations while leveraging certified Electronic Health Records technology or qualified clinical data registries.

With a keen focus on quality care and value, our physicians and ClENs are strategically positioned to help health systems, health plans and accountable care organizations implement patient-centric, data-driven clinical pathways designed to ensure and predict optimal clinical outcomes and cost of care, while also improving HEDIS quality measure performance.

Coherent Eye Care, “Delivering Quality, Value and Access by Design”

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Coherent Eye Care, LLC
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